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Thesis Editing - The Final Pit Stop To a Perfect PhD Paper

Are you all set to submit your thesis? You still have an indispensable aspect to take care of - format and edit your thesis to make sure your paper is free of errors ranging from grammatical to language and syntax to meet the highest standards of academic quality and present your paper with the perfect format. With our editing and formatting service, you get experts to ensure that your paper meets every criteria of required style manuals and your university guidelines to provide a consistent format and improve readability.

Our academic editors root out any grammar, punctuation or spelling errors with our expert native English editors ensuring that your writing is flawless with clear and concise language consistent throughout your paper. This will improve the academic tone of your paper giving it the standard which research papers demand. We also check your reference list for errors (like inaccurate usage of styles like APA or MLA) and also cross-check your citation to make sure that cited sources are listed in the references and vice versa. With our expert editing and formatting assistance you will have a thesis that has been optimized for academic excellence.


Additional accessories for the perfect paper

Plagiarism Check

We take into account your university guidelines regarding plagiarism and assess your paper on it. Receive inputs for improvement and add missed references.

Structure & Clarity Check

Improve the overall structure of your paper. Ensure that everything from chapters to transitions between sections are clear and flawless.

Citation & Formatting

Get our academic experts to go over all your citations and reference list with a number of style options. Format your paper for readability and a refined look with personalized guidelines.


Our Professional Guide to Formatting and Editing

1. Error-free language with expert native English editors

2. Enhanced academic quality of writing

3. Improvements that take into account every word

4. Multiple formatting options for every aspect of your paper

5. Get personalized feedback from subject matter experts

Why our Editing and Formatting Service has been the Researchers Choice


Editing that Meets Your Needs

Our editing and formatting service offers everything you need from copy editing to proofreading and everything in between. We have a team of qualified academic editors, SMEs and proofreaders with native English experts to guide through every aspect of your thesis paper and provide you with improvements and feedback that will enhance quality and ensure excellence.


Move Beyond Spell-checks

Editing services usually concern with language and grammar and provide routine checks that are no longer even a manual task. Our editors go beyond all this and inspect every element of your paper to improve it in two ways - academic standard of writing and optimized presentation that review boards and publications appreciate.


Feedback and Augmentations

Feel like your arguments in the research paper lack a sound structure or that a chapter is lacking in quality language, need to use better domain related technical words? Our academic writers provide you solutions to all of these and much more with effective feedback and writing improvements.

Do I need to Edit and Format my Thesis Paper?

The only ambition of our editors is to improve your chances of approval by the review committee and gambling on years of research with any scope for improvement, even if it is a simple grammatical error is not something we would recommend and with our editing and formatting service we enable you with better than just language improvements.

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