PhD Thesis Topic Selection

Thesis topic that makes an impact

Selecting thesis topic is a challenging task for a first time researcher naive in all research aspects. The topic must be unique; but at the same time have some background literature for doing the review. It must be new, while having some relevant data that can be used for analysis. So, getting the perfect topic is like walking a tightrope. Our PhD thesis topic selection help service gives adequate guidance, in a step by step manner, to help you make a wise selection.

Qualities that a topic must possess to lead to a commendable thesis

  • Your interest in pursuing the topic must be paramount, to keep you motivated
  • There must be adequate facts and figures related to the study variables
  • Literature sources must be available to provide a sturdy foundation
  • It must have technical, financial and ethical feasibility
  • The topic must be unique and have subject relevance
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Process that we follow for Topic Selection

A seamless process that is planned in stages is our secret way to choosing the most suitable topic for your research. We suggest that you never hurry to decide the topic; take sufficient time and visualize the research journey. But in case you do have to rush as per nearing deadlines,you can avail our PhD Thesis Topic selection services. we can expedite the process and dig out a brilliant topic for your research worthy of approval.


Idea Generation

We start with discussing your idea for research. A brainstorming session is done to gauge your interest level, and find out which aspects of the subject hold merit as your research topic.


Study Trends

We study the journal papers that are noteworthy in your subject and assess which topics have been most talked about in recent years. This indicates target readers’ interests too.


Shortlist Topics

Based on journal paper trends, we shortlist 8-10 topics for thesis. These are further judged to match your field of interest and 3-4 topics are selected.


Feasibility Study

We check whether the topics are viable or not. Does the study need astronomical data or too much investment? Are the resources available? All these questions are answered.

Why you need assistance for PhD Thesis topic selection: The advantage we provide

Framing a research topic that is clear, well defined, and follows the guidelines is important to attract your readers and gain approval. We have worked on more than 4800 research documents and keep a track on the current trends and research gaps. Without proper guidance, you might end up picking an obsolete topic just because there are ample literature sources. We guarantee that the topics we choose for you will give a boost not only to your thesis, but also your academic career.


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